Gretchen Vanderbeek, M.D.

Position: Board-Certified Dermatologist

  Specialties: Medical Dermatology, Skin Cancer Treatments, Cosmetic Dermatology

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“I love being a dermatologist.  I get to spend every day helping people with problems that vary from skin cancers to severe rashes to teenage acne and more.  It can be deeply difficult for many people to bare their body for examination and I feel profoundly honored with my patients’ trust every day.  I take pride in tailoring treatment regimens that are custom-fit to each person’s priorities.  There are many mysteries in dermatology and I look forward to spending the rest of my career finding these and solving them in collaboration with my patients..”

Dr. Vanderbeek grew up in Aurora, Oregon and spent her summers bossing around her younger brothers and swimming in the river. She grows roses and tomatoes with love and enthusiasm if not expertise. She does a lot of weeding but enjoys NOT weeding even more.  She lives in hope that someone will discover breakthrough medical developments in a hot cup of tea – black with milk and sugar please.  She has two children who keep her very, very busy.

 Dr. Vanderbeek has been in practice with Dermatology Associates since 2012.


  • Reed College, Portland: B.A.  Biology

  • Oregon Health & Science University – Doctor of Medicine

  • Residency in Dermatology, Department of Dermatology – Oregon Health and Science University

  • Clinical Research Coordinator, Oregon Health Science University –  Clinical Research Program


  • American Board of Dermatology