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Laser Therapy skin treatments use sources of high energy to regenerate and repair damaged skin. They work by focusing high-intensity light on small, focused spots of concern. Laser treatments are an effective way to treat wrinkles, scars, skin blemishes, blood vessels, and pigmentation concerns and vary greatly based on the type of laser used.

Your Dermatology Associates of Tigard Provider will review your skin concerns and medical history to determine a treatment plan that’s specific to your skin care goals and desired results.

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A laser skin-resurfacing treatment that can address a host of common concerns. It can even out skin tone and texture; improve hyperpigmentation like sun spots, age spots, melasma, and other forms of discoloration; smooth wrinkles and fine lines; and fade stretch marks and mild acne scars.

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

After years of simply washing your face and using over-the-counter-products, your skin can begin to show age: veins appear, sun damage is evident, pore size increases, and skin tone is uneven. Improve or reverse these issues with Intense Pulsed Light therapy treatments.

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